Therapeutic Diet Order Writing Privileges for Dietitian/Nutritionists

In the Spring of 2019, NYSAND leaders worked with NYS legislators to have bills introduced in the NYS Assembly and the NYS Senate that would enable hospitals and long-term care facilities to privilege dietitians/nutritionists to write therapeutic diet orders, including PO diets, tube feedings and TPN. Now in 2021 we have worked diligently to have this legislation re-introduced in both the Assembly and the Senate. 

To get these bills out of committee and passed by both the Assembly and Senate, we need EVERY New York State RD to contact their NYS Assembly Member and Senator to explain these bills and request co-sponsorship.

Everything you need to successfully do this is right here.

This is the time to increase our credibility, expand our scope, improve our work flow/efficiency, improve our job satisfaction and ultimately increase our compensation. No other individuals or group can do this for us - WE NEED TO ACT NOW!

Tools for your information and review (please click each title for link to material)

  • TDO Presentation 2021- This is a brief narrated Power Point presentation that thoroughly explains the bills; everything you need to know about them is here, so you can explain to colleagues and elected officials. (Available to download at .pptx file)
  • TDO Presentation 2021 slides - pdf version of the slides to print
  • FAQ CMS NYSAND 3-2021 - additional information in the format of "frequently asked questions" with responses

Tools for calls and emails (Also try to schedule a visit!)
Draft an email stating the following:

  • Your name and credentials; note that you are a constituent; you may also state where you work as an RD, especially if institution is in district as well.
  • State your purpose:  I am writing to discuss bill (A.6398 if Assembly Member and S.3330 if Senator) which amends NYS Education Law Article 157 that provides for Certification of Dietitians and Nutritionists (CDNs) in NYS to permit (not mandate) hospitals and long term care facilities to privilege CDNs to write therapeutic diet orders in these facilities.
  • Note that you are attaching a document with more detail and that you will call the office and ask for an appointment. (attach document “TDO summary for Legislators 2021”) to discuss further.

For example: Hi, my name is xxxx and I am a registered dietitian in your district.  I work at xx hospital, which is also located in your district.  I am writing to discuss bill A. 6398/S.3330, which amends the law that certified dietitians and nutritionists in NYS (NYS Education Law Article 157). The amendment would permit (not mandate) hospitals and long-term care facilities to privilege nutritionists to write therapeutic diet orders.  This is essential to provide optimal nutrition therapy to patients, and increase operational efficiencies.  I am attaching a document with more details and would like to meet with you to discuss further, especially how this bill can optimize and protect the health of your constituents. I will call your office to make an appointment.

Follow-up with a phone call to the local office

  • Again, identify yourself and your purpose as noted above.
  • State that you would like to meet with the Assembly Member or Senator for 15 to 20 minutes to discuss this issue and refer to the email you sent with additional information.
  • State that you can be available to meet virtually, by phone or in person following appropriate COVID guidelines.
  • If appropriate state that you will have with you/or bring 2-3 other RDs in the district to share their perspectives.

Tools for Visits with Elected Officials or Your Administrators
(please click each title for link to material)
(all of these tools can be used to guide meetings with your administrators - getting them to contact elected officials would be very helpful)